Kelli’s Story

PDF file: Kelli’s Story 510 Days

Hello. My name is Kelli. I became a 45 year old widow on July 31, 2013 when my husband lost his battle with Grade IV GBM.  On March 9, 2012, my life, my husbands life and the lives of our 4 children changed irrevocably.

I was lucky enough to have met Shawn in 2008, and blessed to have him in my life for just short of 2000 days.

During our journey, I kept a journal, which I have attached here.  It goes into more detail about the effect of GBM on our lives.

As a brain cancer advocate now, I admin a Facebook GBM page, a private Facebook Group for those affected by brain cancer, and a private Widow/Widower/Partner Facebook Group. I also admin a brain cancer Instagram account, Pinterest brain cancer board, a GBM Twitter account,  and create original artwork promoting brain cancer awareness 5 days a week.  Among all this activity, I interact directly with anyone who contacts me re anything involving brain cancer.

If you need a shoulder, or a safe place to vent, or have questions that you can’t get answers for, feel free to contact me. When Shawn was diagnosed in May 2012, I felt so alone and didn’t know anyone who could relate to what we were going through. My goal is to change all that and make sure no one feels alone on their journey.

I am heartsick that you needed this site, but I am so glad you found us. We want it to feel like home.




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