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  1. Hello , I am Brazilian and daughter of a man who unfortunately has the GBM , he already has a month of surgery , she had no sequelae, only failures in memory . help me , the prospect of life in these cases are low. I am desperate and do not know what to do. Help me how can I increase the life time of it? in addition to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, have some complementary treatment ? help me! please.

    1. Juliana,

      My heart goes out to you. I am sure you already know by now that there is no known cure for GBM. How old is your father? How much of the tumor was resected during the surgery? The loss of short term memory is common. There are some options that are being used here in the USA. There is a Novocure Treatment – get more information at Optune.com‎, the polio vaccine is being used in some cases and there is a list of clinical trials under the tab that he might possibly qualify for. Do you have a lot of support? Are you the main caregiver? Would you prefer to have our responses in English or Spanish? Kelli

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