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To New Beginnings

Wow. That is what I have been saying to myself as May 1 approached and I anticipated the website going live.

 What a distance I have walked since that Friday morning in CA when I took Shawn to the ER.  That morning, at 47 years old, and making coffee for 30 of those years, he forgot how to make it.

 What was March 2012. I felt we were all alone. Fast forward to today when the GBM Facebook page has 3603 followers and the GBM Facebook Group has 1860 members. I was never alone, but without social media, I might have felt that way for the journey’s entirety.

 I wish that Shawn could see how awareness has grown. In 2012, we didn’t hear anything about it. He died fully confident that I could be a “game changer”. He continues to fuel me.

 It took 44 years and the death of “my person” to find out what my mission was. My reason for being on this earth.  

 I am humbled and honored to serve the brain cancer community.